Climate-Controlled Storage

Protect Your Items With Climate-Control

What is Climate-Controlled Storage?

A climate-controlled storage unit is a space that maintains a temperature between 55-85 degrees, year-round. Climate-controlled storage facilities are indoors to protect your items from weather elements.

If you plan on storing items that are susceptible to damage from moisture, we recommend climate-control.


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Items that Require Climate-Control

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Collectibles like antiques, artwork, and sculptures will need climate-control to stay protected from building up rust.

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Household Items

Common household items like clothing, books, kitchen appliances, files, and personal documents will need climate-control to protect them from being exposed to moisture.

storing antiques in climate-controlled storage

Sensitive & Delicate Items

Sensitive and delicate items like fine china, glass, and leather, will need climate-control to keep them in mint condition so they can be passed down for generations to come.

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Media & Electronic Items

Media and electronic devices like cameras, phones, computers, and vinyl records need climate-control to stay protected from moisture, making them inoperable.

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Wine Storage

Wine needs to be stored in climate-control. wine collectors and connoisseurs can use storage space to keep their collections while preserving their shelf life.

What are the Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage?

It Can Prevent Costly Damages

A climate-controlled storage unit is usually a little more expensive up-front, but those few dollars can save you thousands in the long-run. Traditional self-storage is not climate-controlled, leaving your items vulnerable to absorbing moisture which can cause mold and mildew.

Protection Against Weather Elements

We all know how unpredictable the weather can be. It can be sunny and 75 degrees one week, and 32 degrees and snowing the next. If you live in a city that experiences fluctuating temperature changes, climate-controlled storage is the safest option when searching for self-storage.

Worry-Free Storing

You will never have to worry about your items being damaged when you return to your storage space. At Beyond Self Storage, our facilities are 100% climate-controlled and equipped with 24/7 DVR security cameras to keep you worry-free.

How to Simplify Your Experience with Climate-Controlled Storage

Decide What Items You will Be Storing

First, create a list of the items you plan on storing.  Then, organize your items into groups to keep them from being displaced. If you need help finding the right amount of storage space, check out our unit size guide.

Our Storage Calculator

Organize Your Items

Now it’s time to start organizing. Check and see that you have enough storage boxes and packing supplies to make your trip to the facility easy. If you forget your moving and packing supplies, there is no need to panic. All Beyond Self Storage locations have storage boxes and packing supplies available for purchase.

Reserve Supplies

Visit a Beyond Self Storage Location

It’s time to head to your Beyond Self Storage facility. We highly recommend you contact one of our on-site storage experts before arrival. They can clear up any questions you have before heading to the facility.

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